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Spring Recitals at LMK Studios

LMK Studios 1:30 PM Spring Recital

We are happy to announce the success of our annual LMK Studios Spring Recitals which took place on Sunday, May 19th, 2024. We hosted two recitals, the first at 1:30 pm (see image above) and second at 3:30 pm (see image below). Our recitals featured over 50 dedicated students who have studied piano for more than 6 months. Each student performed two, memorized pieces of their choice that were both challenging and fostered development of a new technical skill.

LMK Studios 3:30 PM Spring Recital

A variety of performances included solo works, duets, and even collaborations with fellow musicians. Megan McSweeney played an arrangement of the Beatles' "Let it Be" alongside her friend, Sophia Overstreet, on guitar. Nile Lowrey partnered with his dad to produce an audio drumbeat track that accompanied his live piano performance of "Sunflower" by Post Malone. It was wonderful to witness the variety of artistry and genres presented at these celebrations of students' music.

We also recognized students from our studio who participated in the annual Downers Grove Music Club Piano Festival, which took place on March 3, 2024. We distributed certificates to all of those who took on this challenge, which consisted of memorizing selected pieces and scales as well as performing for an adjudicator. Among the sixteen students who participated, three LMK Studios students received the highest scores in their levels: Cooper Phillips, Kayden Bacigalupo, and Keegan Bacigalupo. They were selected to perform in the DGMC Piano Festival Honors Recital at the Downers Grove Public Library on March 10th.

1:30 pm Recital Students received certificates for participating in the DGMC Piano Festival

3:30 pm Recital Students received certificates for participating in the DGMC Piano Festival

At the end of each recital, we said goodbye to and recognized the unique contribution of our beloved piano teacher of 2 years, Ellie Stankiewicz! We are very grateful for her leadership and artistry at LMK Studios as both a piano teacher and co-founder of the Taylor Swift Children’s Choir, The T. Swizzle Singers. She will definitely be missed in our studio and we wish her the best on her next career adventure as an archeologist!

The Summer Piano Lessons schedule is currently underway at LMK Studios. The new fall schedule begins the week of August 20th. Our next studio recital is slated for December of 2024.


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