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Downers Grove Music Club Piano Festival 2023

Ten courageous students from LMK Studios participated in the Downers Grove Music Club Piano Festival last weekend, on Sunday, March 5th. Students memorized 2 pieces from a list of required repertoire. They performed a scale and cadence chords. They stressed and sweated over this performance that involved one single student in a room with a judge who graded all the wonderful details of her performance.

We'd like to give a shout out to all ten students who took the 2023 DGMC Piano Festival Challenge:

Finley Smith

Robert Wojciechowski

Rachael Wojciechowski

Evelyn Phillips

Simran Bindra

Martin Baker

Evie Vidrio

Addy S

Rebecca Rodeck

Elizabeth Kansa

from left to right: Siblings Rachael & Robert Wojciechowski, Simra Bindra and Ms. Kelly, Cousins Evie Vidrio & Noelle Kelly

After the festival, several of our DGMC participants were properly rewarded by their parents for their hard work with sweet treats.

Finley Smith is rewarded with his sweet treat of choice after performing in Level 3 DGMC Piano Festival.

Two of our 10 LMK Studios students earned exceptionally high scores on their performances. They have been invited to participate in an extra Piano Festival distinguished event: The Honors Recital. Congratulations Addy S. and Rebecca Rodeck!

Rebecca will perform Bach's Minuet in g minor in the Honors Recital, Level 3.

Addy will perform the first movement of Wilton's Little Sonata in the Honors Recital, Level 1.

The Honors Recital will be held this Sunday, March 12, 2023 at

First United Methodist Church in Downers Grove. There will be two recitals; Rebecca and Addy will perform in the earlier recital at 1:30pm. Best of luck to you, Addy and Rebecca, in this next and final round of the 2023 DGMC Piano Festival! Enjoy the experience!


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