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Summer Music Lessons 2023

Two Sessions this Summer


LMK Studios is offering summer music instruction with Louise Kelly in two sessions:

Session 1
June 13-July 14
Session 2
August 1-17*

Lessons are offered at St. Andrew's, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays from 9am-5pm. 

*August 21st begins the fall session, which will go through December 22nd. Our studio generally follows the District 58 school calendar. 


Tuition will be invoiced at the beginning of each session and will be a flat rate of $100/session, per student. There will be no discounts offered, including those for missed lessons due to vacations. However, in an effort to accommodate a summer schedule, I'll make my schedule available to students so that they can switch their lesson time with more ease.


Along with traditional private piano lessons, we're launching two new group music instruction experiences:

Group Piano

Classes of 3-4 students will meet for 50 minute instruction. We will explore music making as a group, in addition to individual pieces for each student to play. This is ideal for a group of friends, siblings, or neighbors who are close in age and whose parents enjoy the convenience of carpooling.  The experience will provide more in-class performance experience, group music making, and lots of fun.  

Composition Class

There are many young composers in our piano studio, as evidenced by our rousing "Student Composition Recital" on April 16th at St. Andrew's. This composition class, offered both Summer Session 1 and Summer Session 2, will culminate with each student creating, editing, and mastering in performance a unique composition. Students will work collaboratively in this workshop atmosphere to help sharpen one another's skills and final products. 


Contact Louise: louise (at)

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